The Planner is a very valuable tool that allows you to easily:
  • Manage Guests
  • Manage Invitations
  • Send A Broadcast Email
  • Accept Payment Online
  • Send Invitations by email
  • Manage RSVP's
  • Manage Gifts and Thank You's
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Here's a screenshot of what the Control Panel looks like:

how the wedding planner works.

RSVP Manager
Track RSVP's that came from the website, and sort your email invitations, or add RSVP's manually that came by post or by phone.

Guest List Manager
Create a detailed Master guest list. Create guest lists for each individual event.

Email Invitations
Customize an Email Invitation that you can send to any of your Guests for any Event

Online RSVP
Allow your guests to RSVP via one of two methods (through an encoded email invitation or on your RSVP page of your website). RSVP responses get recorded automatically, simply log in and view who is coming.

Dinner Selections
Create choices for dinner that your guests can respond to when they RSVP. This is helpful in previewing what you should order for your guests.

Invitations Tracker
Keep track of all invitations sent to any of your events by Post or by email.

Event Manager
Create a profile for each of your events.

Gift Tracker
Track all gifts received for any of your events.

Thank You Notes
Keep track of the thank you notes you have sent and who you still need to send a thank you note to.

Returns & Exchanges
Keep track of which gifts you’ll be returning and/or exchanging.

Download your information (Guest lists, RSVP summary, Gift list, Thank you list, and Invitations) into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

Your data is protected on our secure servers and is backed up to prevent data loss.