General Information

How much time does it take to create a Wedding Website on MyEvent.com?
Your web site will be created instantly, as soon as you fill in the Free Trial Form (or the Order Form). The web site is immediately accessible for viewing on the internet.
Can I make changes to my Wedding Website whenever I want?
Yes. The package includes unlimited updates. You can update your site by logging in to your Control Panel. Changes can be made 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, and any change made in your Control Panel will take effect immediately.
What are the features that are included with my Wedding Website?
Please see the Features page for a detailed listing.
If I experience problems while I create or viewing my wedding website, where can I go for help?

MyEvent.com takes Customer Service seriously. You can contact us at any time by email (info@myevent.com), toll free at: 1-877-769-3836, or by live online chat.
Will I have advertising on my Website?
No. You will not have any advertising on your site.
Can my website be password protected?
Yes. You can password protect specific pages of your website, or you can create a single password for your entire website .
Do I have to live in the United States to use myevent.com?
No. You can purchase and use your high school reunion website from anywhere in the world. Payment must be made in U.S. currency.
Is the Control Panel secure?
Yes. The Control Panel has several security features built in to ensure that only someone who knows your password can make changes to your website. Of course, it is your responsibility to safeguard your account information and password. For more details, please see our Terms of Use Agreement.
How will I know when I have received an RSVP?

When a visitor to your site submits an online RSVP form, you will automatically receive an email with all the information that your guest supplied in the RSVP form. In addition, RSVP's are stored in the Control so they can be reviewed at your convenience.
What if I already have a separate online Wedding Gift Registry?
If you are already registered with an online retailer, you can include the direct link to their website on the Registry page of your Website.
Do I need my own internet service provider or website hosting account?
No. MyEvent.com provides you with the space required to host your website. We do not however provide you with internet access.

Cost Related Questions

How much does a MyEvent.com Website Cost?
To see the cost of all the various packages Click Here.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Money Orders.
How do I purchase and pay for my Website?
If you have already started a Free Trial, to purchase your website simply log in to your Control Panel, and click on "Purchase My Free Trial" to pay securely online. You can also call us toll free at 1-877-7-MyEvent. (877-769-3836).

If you wish to skip the Free Trial, and you are ready to purchase your MyEvent.com Website immediately, click on the "Order" link, and follow the simple instructions to setup your site, and pay securely.

Your Photos


How many photos can I post on my Website?
Your website can have an unlimited number of photos. Additionally, you can include photos in albums that are included in your website. The number of photos you can load into your album depends on your package. View details here.
How many photos can I post on my Website?
The standard package allows you to upload 150 large images in 5 photo albums, a large picture at the top of every page in the "page header", 60 small images per page on the "extra" pages next to each paragraph and 500 small pictures on the "classmates" page. The premium package allows you to upload all the pictures mentioned above and 1000 large photos in multiple photo albums.
What types of image files can be uploaded?
The following formats can be uploaded to your website:
• .jpg
• .gif
• .png
Can I update my photos at any time?
Yes. You can add, replace or delete photos from your slideshow or anywhere throughout the website at any time.
How do I include video into my website?
The easiest way to upload video to your website is to post your video on YouTube (www.youtube.com) and then copy and paste the "embed" link onto your website.
I would like to upload a PowerPoint presentation on my website, can I do that?
Yes, you can upload a variety of file formats onto your website. Use the Web Folder icon in your Control Panel. The Bronze package allows up to 200 MB of data for visitors to download. The Silver package (shopping cart enabled site) allows up to 500 MB and the Gold package allows for 1GB of file storage.

Website Address

How will my guests find my Website?
When you sign up for your Wedding Website, you will receive a "welcome email". The email will confirm your new website address which you have chosen. Your website address will look like this: www.yourname.MyEvent.com.

The best way to inform your guests of your new website address is to print your website address either directly on your invitations, or on a separate card which is inserted in the envelope with the invitations.
Can I have my own Domain name (www.myname.com)?
Myevent.com provides you with a domain name at no cost that looks like this: www.yourname.myevent.com. We can also supply you with your very own Domain Name that will look like this: www.yourname.com .

The fee to register your own Domain Name is $25 for one year, $49 for 3 years. If you would like to order your own Domain Name, please click on the order button in your control panel.
What if I have already registered a Domain Name - Can I use that name with your website?

You can definitely keep your domain and point it to the website you create with our website builder. (This is assuming you do not use that domain for email purposes). Once you purchase your website you will ask the registrar who you bought the domain from to point your domain to our name servers.

Primary DNS ns1.myevent.com Secondary DNS ns2.myevent.com

After you do this please send us an email to info@myevent.com, telling us it is done. It will take 24 hours from that point for your domain to be propagated. If you have any questions please contact us.

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