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Raise funds for your wedding, honeymoon or your favorite charity

We Make Giving Simple

Easily enter a description on your donation page to promote your cause and give specific reasons to persuade your friends and family to help you raise funds and achieve your fundraising goals. You can create minimum and maximum donation amounts, or set your own donation increment levels (ex: $25, $50, $75, $100).

Safe & Secure Transactions

All transactions are secure, and donors do not have to create a PayPal account, or sign up for any account. All personal information is completely safe because data is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL). follows strict industry standards to protect all personal information.

Track Donations in Real-Time

You can view the total funds raised and each of your requested payout transactions in your Control Panel and download them in excel at any time.

Donors Remain on Your Site

Donors remain on your website when they make a donation. They do not have to become a member of the website nor do they have to sign up for newsletters or other marketing-related information.

Donors Can Send Well-Wishes

Every time a friend or family member makes a donation, they can send you a message to be displayed on your Donations Page. You will be notified in your Control Panel of messages to approve so they can be displayed.

Password Protection

You can password protect your Donation set up page in your Control Panel. This is helpful if more than one person has access to your Control Panel and you do not want to share this secure information.

Choose How You Get Paid

We pay you immediately upon request by direct deposit, check or wire transfer (the latter two save you a trip to the bank). Funds are paid in US dollars or Canadian dollars. You choose how you would like to be paid:

Direct Deposit/ACH Transfer
It can take 5 to 7 business days for the funds to be transferred from the time of your request. The cost to do a direct deposit (ACH transfer) to the bank account of your choice is $2.50.

It can take up to 10 business days to receive payment from the time of your request. The cost to send you a paper check is $2.50.

Wire Transfer
It takes 2 business days to transfer the funds. The cost is $30 to wire transfer payment from your account to your bank account.

Affordable Fees

We charge a 5.75% credit card processing fee and a $0.75 transaction fee. The fees cover:

  • Internal support.
  • Processing your donations securely.
  • Providing exceptional support for you, the administrator and your donors, should they require it.

Donation Fee Example
Donation amount $25
Minus processing fee charge $1.44 (5.75% of $25)
Minus transaction fee $0.75
Donation amount net to you $22.81

8 Reasons To Raise Funds Through Your Wedding Website

1. Use Your Wedding Website to Raise Funds For A Good Cause

What better way to celebrate your wedding than to raise funds for your favorite charity. Rally friends and family around your cause and give reasons on your website as to why they should donate on this special occasion.

2. The Importance of Giving Back

Use your wedding to shine a light on the importance of developing strong ties to the community and to highlight the importance of giving back when you are celebrating a time of good fortune. Become a leader in your community and galvanize your friends to follow your example.

3. Ask for Donations instead of Gifts

Many couples today live together before they are married and so don't need many of the household items that were traditionally given at a wedding. Instead of linking to a registry or having guests buy gifts, use your website to solicit donations for your wedding reception, honeymoon, or for your favorite charity.

4. Donate to your Favorite Charity Instead of Giving Wedding Favors

Inform your wedding guests ahead of time (on your website) that you will be donating to your favorite charity on their behalf instead of buying wedding favors. Activate your Donations Page in case any guests would like to add an additional contribution.

5. Reach Your Goal Faster

Most people find it easier to donate online, where they can read information about your cause, and then quickly pay with a credit card. Most people find this easier than writing a check, buying stamps and then mailing it in.

6. Collect Donations Easier

You can choose to receive payments (payouts) from whenever you want. You can select your own payout threshold and we will pay you each time you reach this amount. You will never have to chase donors for payment from checks or credit payments that didn't go through.

7. Promote Your Cause Online

When you promote your event or cause online using MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or the online edition of your local newspaper, you can include a link to your website. In your message, you should mention that people can safely and easily donate online via your website.

8. Toll Free Help has toll free customer support, 7 days a week, so if for any reason any of your donors are having trouble completing their transaction we are there to help.

How it Works

Purchase A Wedding Website
After you purchase your wedding website, you will be assigned an account representative who will run your information through our verification process and let you know if you have been approved. The approval process can take up to 2 business days. All your information is kept totally confidential.

Activate Donations Page
Once you have been approved, your Donations Page will be turned on and you will be able to easily and quickly set up your donation levels. It is also very easy to view who has donated and how much money you have raised.

Get Paid
When you set up your Donations Page, you select the amount of money you would like to pay out to you. Once that amount is reached, will automatically make a payment to you in the method you have chosen. You can be paid out as often and for as little as you choose.

You will be able to view how much money you have raised in your control panel in real-time. If you need to receive a payment prior to reaching the level you had selected for payouts you can click the PAY ME NOW button in your control panel.

You can integrate other payment solutions like PayPal or Google Checkout

We do support PayPal or Google Checkout so if you want to use those payment processors your can. However we guarantee that it will not be as easy for you, or your website visitors. Read these points to find out why our donation system is best for your cause or event.

MyEvent Other Payment Providers
Accept Visa & MasterCard Yes Yes
Toll Free Support Yes No
Quick Account Verification 1 business day 3-5 business days
Donors Remain on Site Yes Friends and family will be sent to another site to make a donation. This can be disconcerting to the visitor.
Track Offline Payment Yes No
Integrated Reporting Provides you with real-time statistics in your control panel, downloadable in excel of who has made a donation. Reporting will not be integrated with your site.
No Payout Limits Payout at any level. Monthly payout limits. Once you have reached your monthly limit, any remaining funds will be carried over to your payment for the following month.
No Reserves No reserves are held back in your account. May require a sum of money to be held in your account at all times. This is determined by a number of factors including chargeback rates, transaction behavior, and credit reports.

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